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it’s about great culture


How do we capture the returns of great culture? How do we connect time spent developing great culture to business results?

How do we increase the commitment of employees at every level of the company?

Company culture has a profound impact on everything from our personal well-being to how well we can contribute a positive impact through our work. Capture Culture exists to help companies build better culture so that people everywhere can live better, more balanced, and more fulfilling lives.

Capture Culture is a nimble culture strategy firm based in Seattle, WA built to work alongside leaders who take culture seriously in their organization.

SEVEN years ago…

Capture Culture Founder Jason Preston began asking the question: what is it that allows certain teams and certain people to do incredible things?

Together with Steve Broback, Jason co-founded a conference called Dent (Steve Jobs: “we’re here to put a dent in the universe”) to explore the science and skill behind the people and companies that end up denting the universe. They have since built the conference into a strong community of leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Since that beginning in 2012, Jason has interviewed hundreds of change-makers from all different fields ranging from Astronauts to CEOs to Investors to Artists to Professors about the elements of remarkable accomplishment.

In 2017 Jason began teaching some of these lessons on teamwork, leadership, and culture at the University of Washington. Two years later, Jason founded Capture Culture to help executives and founders apply the lessons of great culture and leadership in their own companies.


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